Holiday Bookworm Gift Guide

Yes, yes, I know it’s December 16th. Well hey, I do my Christmas shopping pretty late. That’s mostly due to the fact I’m still in college, preoccupied with finals, and don’t have a mode of transportation to all the lovely stories until I get back to Chicago. Anyways, I thought I would compile a gift guide for bookworms. I always scavenge the internet for gift ideas for my friends and, well, me (who doesn’t like getting themselves gifts every now and again?). However, I can’t help but feel let down by the generic guides I see. Hopefully I can provide new ideas for you all! 🙂 (PS THE LINKS ARE IN GREEN)

1) Okay, this is slightly a cop-out for recommending books, but Penguin has created a hotline for the perfect book recommendation for a friend!


I thought it was a lovely idea, plus I got a kick out of filling out the application (I may have filled it out for myself as a test run) to see what one of their publishers sent me. I got a very thoughtful email back from a lovely lady named Jackie who recommended me a few series that I’m excited to buy and read! Try this out for one of your friends and see how well you know them by being able to fill out the application for their recommended gift!

2)Powell’s Literature Water Bottle – It’s perfect for any bookworm who wants to stay hydrated. Also, I’m just obsessed with the nutrition label. images

3) Book Themed Scented Candles from Etsy! – I’m huge on candles and my room smelling like all sorts of flavors. These candles are adorable and can get any bookworm’s senses excited. Plus…they have the Shire scent, I repeat there is a candle deemed as the Shire. *Quickly dies of excitement.*il_570xN.506090293_h4os

4) Literary Mugs – I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t like a good ol’ cup of jo or tea while reading a book? Here are some pictures with their links:

enhanced-6118-1396027731-5Walt Whitman Quote Mug!

enhanced-8740-1396025965-17Looking For Alaska!


The Great Gatsby Mug!


Harry Potter Mugs!

5) The Ultimate Book Journal (Moleskin)! – I own this and I absolutely adore the set-up of the journal, especially because I am picky with my notebooks. (ALSO CURRENTLY 60% OFF)!!


6) The Book Hook Bookmark – It’s a bit more on the pricier side, but it’s a chic bookish gift that someone can place right at their bedside!slide_350139_3757713_free7) For a more creative touch, make a book jar! Buy that special someone a couple of books and slip in your recommendations plus the titles you bought him or her! Or put your own twist on it! It’s cheap, fun, and aesthetically pleasing! 😉

the_book_jar_by_insanejellybean95-d70uf8d8) A Bookish Phone Case! – “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books and that’s kind of the same thing.”il_570xN.525125733_2juh9) ANYTHING FROM OUT OF PRINT CLOTHING – They just have so many fun gifts that I can’t possibly just choose one from the side. Here is a few: Z-COAST-2002_Coasters_Punk_Rock-4_2048x2048Punk Author Coaster Set


West Egg and East Egg Necklaces


Where The Wild Things Are Tote

10) The Harry Potter Christmas Set – This one is more for you! It’s to make your ‘Thank-You’s and ‘Happy Holidays’ a bit more wizardry themed.  il_570xN.663039454_qezb

Hope this helps you guys! 🙂 Have fun shopping!


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