Let’s Remember A Book’s Beauty: The ReRead Challenge 2015

re-read-challengeIf you’re like me, you buy, buy, buy, and buy books whenever you get the chance. There is a warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I walk out of a bookshop with a new book. It’s a new friend, a new adventure, a new form of security. This becomes problematic when your TBR stack reaches the ceiling though, right? Ehhh…I’m still in denial so, no. What is a problem though is after you’ve read that novel, whenever you may get to it, it might just sit on your shelf and collect dust. Even though the characters dazzled you and you ripped right through every page until the end, you haven’t exactly picked it up for a few years. You recall it with a sparkle in your eye as you recommend it to your fellow bookish friends, but you don’t reread it. This year let’s change that.

Let’s make a vow to reread those novels that made an impact on us. I’m completely at fault here too. I typically don’t reread the novels I loved. I always rationalize it with my TBR stack or how excited I am that the next book in the series I currently love JUST came out. So naturally, I have to read that one right now…right? Not necessarily. That book along with many others will still be there.

There’s something amazing about remembering a book’s beauty. Sure the new ones that I haven’t opened have a shiny, new toy feel, but the ones I’ve read are like old friends that hugged me tight when I needed them the most. So let’s pay a little respect to those books this year and reread a few.

A special thanks to Hannah @ So Obsessed With and Kelly @ Belle of the Literati for hosting this challenge! So hop on, join in, and remember the beauty in some of your favorites! Also, here are some fun topics you can blog about after rereading that special book:

WHEN I First Read
WHAT I Remember
WHY I Wanted to Re-Read
HOW I Felt After Re-Reading
WOULD I Re-Read Again

See! It won’t be so bad! It might even be a special adventure after all.

Comment below! I’d love to know what books you plan on rereading this upcoming year! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Let’s Remember A Book’s Beauty: The ReRead Challenge 2015

      1. I’ll take that haha 🙂 the hardback is second hand too so it’s pretty much the same thing, with a little re-homing thrown in for good measure


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